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Hello fellows!!How are you all? Today I want to share my experience with an amazing app called “TUBBR”. I have been using this app since two months. So basically what is TUBBR, It is a social media platform which allows you to set up different walls based on your choice content. You can choose the wall to be private or public. TUBBR is the World’s First Personal Social Network is an evolving concept. Discrete Timelines & Powerful stories while your friends can Follow or collaborate on things you love doing together.

As a Fashion and lifestyle influencer, this app has helped me so much. This is because I can share my interests on my public wall. It is amazing how I can follow and collaborate with people who have same interest.

My followers are now able to follow my content according to their interest. Fashion lovers can follow my ootd wall where as quote lovers can follow my follow my quotes wall. Mainly as I am fashion influencer my audience like fashion related content and so I created ootd wall. This is a public wall and you can access all the images along with the details. I also have the link option were I have added the link regarding the outfits.

I have 104 subscribers on ootd wall. I have shared so many stories and pictures of outfits on my wall. I have received lots of messages of appreciation from others. According to me it is indeed one of the best ways to promote our blog or any social media sites because of the option of sharing the urn. I have also subscribed to many walls like travel, quotes, mountains i.e. I love travelling, the mind winds, Sketches of Himalayas. I must say I am getting to know a lot from this app. If you are active on app then there are chances for your wall to get featured on the app and sometimes you walls get trend too.

I must say that this app is best for micro influencers like me to show your own content to world by creating walls.


  • You can monetize your content.
  • You can have collaborative walls.
  • Your tubbr stories lasts for seven days not for 1 day as other apps.
  • You get discovered by users who like your content.
TUBBR is allowing 100 exclusive entries onto their platform! Know that the platform is still in its Development Stages, so the 100 people who are allowed in will have an actual say in how the App is developed! Your Feedback and Suggestions will be taken into account and developed according to the user.
Early user advantages are always there with the start of any platform, so I invite and encourage you to come on-board! Use my code ASAK92 at the time of sign up to be allowed access.   Do check out TUBBR, currently available on Google Play and Apple iTunes. And hope you have a Bright and Beautiful Week! Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tubbr&hl=en Apple iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tubbr/id1267744803

Much love

Alisha Chadha

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